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 ABOUT US emerges as a focused business to value the rural areas of inland Galicia. Our area of ​​influence is mainly around the Camino de Santiago in the area of ​​A Ulloa (Palas de Rei, Monterroso and Antas de Ulla), Sarria to Melide. If you want to see what life is like in our Galicia, we are waiting for you. We would like you to get in touch with us and we will arrange a visit for you. Where we will provide special prices in accommodation, restaurants, etc. and we will guide you, we will show you our villages.
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Galicia, one of the last green paradises, unique, impressive, fascinating land. Galicia is not the Spain that one could expect. Tranquility and seclusion, a timeless land of charm and mystery, breathtaking scenery, peace and tranquility, where roads with few people and lazy rivers, an unforgettable experience where people are friendly and nature is still abundant. Lucidas green hills with seemingly endless views. Innumerable rivers. The landscape is rich and fertile with an abundance of forests and spectacular mountain views. Historic cities such as the famous Santiago de Compostela, a culture descended from the Celts and a warm welcome for all its foreign visitors. The Galician lifestyle is very relaxed ... nobody seems to be in a hurry, but they work hard as a whole.


Our environment.....


Green, water, tranquility, ecological, slow, strong, are words and concepts that we will find in this area. Stone houses in environments not yet overcrowded, where life can be as before. Slow, ecological, sustainable. It is the heart of Galicia! With the Galician airports (Santiago and A Coruña) at one hour. Medical centers, schools, ... everything that is essential for a comfortable life. Landscape environment, with trees, rivers, recreational and sports areas. Gastronomy, in general, food, is one of the great offers that you will have access to if you live here. Organic, natural products, ranging from having your own garden to artisan bread. Collection of mushrooms, chestnuts, etc.


"The Galician people are warm and welcoming and will do anything for you, they do not care where you are from or if you speak the language as long as you are sociable and friendly." For them, a smile is worth a thousand words. You'll find people who want to meet you This is what Europe used to be years ago Unlike many of Spain's best-known southern provinces, it has a warm but mild climate and a lush landscape with mountain ranges, rivers and an uninterrupted supply of breathtaking beaches. and, often, almost deserted "


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